Aberdeen Wastewater Treatment Facility – Phase I Improvement

Project Number: 0503

Final Contract: $9,600,000

Actual Completion: 2007
Owner: City of Aberdeen, South Dakota

Engineer: Banner Associates

Project Details
  • 10 MGD Max Flow Capacity … 4.2 MGD Design Flow Capacity
  • UV Disinfection
    • New Open Channel, Low Pressure, High Intensity Ultraviolet Disinfection System
  • New High Lift Pumps & RAS Pumps
    • Replacement of Five (5) High Lift Pumps & Associated Piping Systems
    • Replacement of Two (2) RAS Pumps & Associated Piping Systems
  • New Screw Pumps @ Pretreatment Building & Main Pump Station
    • Major Bypass Operations @ Both Facilities Capable of Handling Flows in Excess of 10MGD
    • Replacement of three (3) 66-Inch Diameter Screw Pumps @ City’s Main Pump Station
    • Replacement of three (3) 66-Inch Diameter Screw Pumps @ Pretreatment Pump Station
    • Application of High Performance Coatings Through Out Both Facilities
  • Improvements to Bio-Filter
    • Removal of Existing Redwood Media
    • Installation of 60,000 Cubic Feet of New PVC Media
    • New PVC Lateral Distribution Piping & Stainless Steel Nozzles
    • Replacement of Precast Double Tee Roof Members
  • Aeration Basin Improvements
    • Install Subsurface Dewatering System Necessary to Lower Ground Water Table 6’ to Allow for Construction
    • Construct a New 87’ x 157’ x 18’ Deep Cast-In-Place Concrete Aeration Basin
    • Installation of a Fine Bubble & Course Bubble Diffuser System w/Stainless Steel Air Distribution Piping
    • Sequenced Draining of Existing Aeration Basin to Facilitate Replacement of Diffuser System & Coating System
  • New Blower Building
    • Installation of four (4) New Multi-Stage Centrifugal Blowers
  • Final Clarifier Improvements
    • Replacement of Two (2) 90’ Diameter Final Clarifier Mechanisms
  • Pretreatment Facility Improvements
    • New Grit Pumps & Piping
    • New Aeration Eductor Tubes
    • New Comminutor
  • New Primary Clarifier Valve Vault & Bypass Line Piping
  • Site Improvements
    • Installation of Buried Site Piping Ranging in Size from 8” thru 36”
    • Sidewalks and Drive Pavements
    • Final Site Grading Work including Landscaping and Seeding

This project involved daily monitoring, and coordination with Plant Staff to allow for continuous uninterrupted flows through the plant during the construction process. Careful planning and scheduling were critical to assure that the major construction improvements were handled in the proper sequence with regard to plant operations.