Moorhead Wastewater Treatment Facility – Headworks/Hydraulics Improvements

Project Number: 0407

Final Contract: $5,600,000

Actual Completion: 2006
Owner: City of Moorhead, Minnesota

Engineer: Ulteig Engineers

Project Details
  • 18.0 MGD Max Flow Capacity … 6.0 MGD Design Flow Capacity
  • Equalization Basin
    • Construction of a New 1.3 Million Gallon Cast-In-Place Concrete Holding/Mixing Basin
    • Mechanical Mixing System Consisting of Five (5) Horizontal Centrifugal Pumps and Associated Mixing Nozzle System
  • EQ Pump Station& Pipe Gallery
    • Construction of a New Two Level Cast-In-Place Concrete & Masonry Pump Station With Connecting Pipe Gallery
    • Five (5) Horizontal Non Clog Centrifugal Pumps Ranging in Size From 1,400GPM to 4,200GPM
    • Ductile Iron Process Piping, Valves, Fittings & Valves Ranging in Size From 10” to 24”
  • Improvements to Headworks Area
    • Construction of a New Cast-In-Place Concrete Influent Meter Structure, Septage Receiving Station and Influent
    • Channel All w/PVC Embedded Liner and Replacement of Three (3) Primary Forcemains Ranging in Size From 8” to
    • 24” Including the Installation of a Future 24” Forcemain
    • Sequenced Improvements to the Bar Screen Channels Including the Installation of Numerous Control Gates
    • Including Weir Gates, Sluice Gates and Stop Plates
    • Sequenced Improvements to Grit Basins 1 & 2 Including New Coatings and the Installation of a New Grit Handling
    • and Fluidization System w/Associated Suction Piping
    • Sequenced Improvements to the Primary Clarifier Division Box Including Major Structural Demolition and
    • Construction of New Internal Cast-In-Place Concrete Division Box Structure w/Associated 24” Ductile Iron Effluent
    • Piping to the Primary Clarifiers
  • Improvements to Final Clarifier Area
    • Sequenced Construction of Cast-In-Place Concrete Division Boxes Located Within the Final Clarifier Complex
    • Including Associated Scum Pumps and Piping
    • Major Piping Removals & Tie – Ins to Existing Active Lines
    • New Ductile Iron Process Piping, Valves, Meters and Fittings Ranging in Size From 14” to 30”
  • Improvements to Shop Area
    • Renovation/Addition of a 2nd Level Shop Office Area Within the Existing Maintenance Area
  • Site Improvements
    • Site Piping Improvements Including Ductile Iron Piping Ranging in Size from 8” to 24”
    • New Sidewalks, Asphalt Drives, Site Grading and Final Site Restoration

This challenging project required a well thought out plan to accommodate a number of operational constraints encountered during the improvements to the Headworks, Forcemains, Influent Channel and Final Clarifier Areas. Coordination with Plant Staff and attention to proper sequence of construction was critical in meeting a number of aggressive interim completion dates established for the project.