Pierre Wastewater Treatment Plant – Phase II

Project Number: 9905

Final Contract: $5,400,000

Actual Completion: 2000
Owner: City of Pierre, South Dakota

Engineer: Banner Associates

Project Details
  • 4.42 MGD Max Flow Capacity … 2.21 Design Flow Capacity
  • New Primary Clarifier & Sludge Pumping Complex
    • Two (2) 60’ Diameter Aluminum Dome Covered Cast-In-Place Concrete Clarifiers
    • Adjoining Sludge Pumping Gallery Complex
      • One (1) Progressive Cavity Style Scum Pump (70 gpm)
      • Two (2) Progressive Cavity Style Sludge Pumps (70 gpm)
  • New ATAD Complex … Autothermal Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion System Designed to Produce a Class A Biosolid
    • Sludge Digestion Complex Housing Four (4) 32’ Diameter Cast-In-Place ATAD Tanks and Adjoining ATAD Pipe Gallery
    • Facility … The System Consists of One (1) Train With Three (3) Reactors Per Train and a Fourth Reactor For Service
    • As a Pre-ATAD Storage Tank
      • Stainless Steel Spiral Aerators
      • Stainless Steel Circulation Aerators
      • Stainless Steel Foam Controllers
      • One (1) Pre-ATAD Submersible Mixer
    • Adjoining ATAD Pipe Gallery Housing Sludge Feed, Transfer & Discharge Pumps, Temperature Control Systems, Heat Exchangers, Boilers & Controls
  • Renovation of Existing Digesters
    • Removal of Covers From Two (2) Digester Tanks
    • Cleaning & Disposal of Sludge Solids
    • Conversion to Post-ATAD Tanks Including New Precast Covers, Mixers and Associated Piping
  • New Odor Control Facility
    • Four-Stage Odor Control System
  • Modifications to Raw Sewage Pump Station & Grit Facilities
    • New 2,400 GPM Submersible Raw Sewage Pump
    • Improvements to Raw Sewage Suction & Discharge Piping
    • New 18-Inch Raw Sewage Forcemain
    • Improvements to Comminutor Channels, By-Pass Line & Comminutor Effluent Line
    • Raw Sewage Bypass Operation
  • Site Improvements
    • New Concrete Pavement, Sidewalks, Fencing, Site Grading and Seeding Work
    • Demolition & Removal of Existing Primary Clarifier Tanks