Washburn Regional Water Treatment Facility Improvements

Project Number: 0908

Final Contract: $4,400,000

Actual Completion: 2011
Owner: City of Washburn, North Dakota

Engineer: AE2S

Project Details
  • Plant Capacity of 1.7 MGD
  • Immersed Membrane Filtration
    • Capable of Continuous Operation w/Design Flow Rate of 1.7 MGD
  • Improvements to Intake Facility
    • Extending Existing 12” Intake Pipe Into Missouri River
    • Installation of New Precast Support Structure on New H-Pile Foundation in Missouri River
    • Installation of New T-Barrel Intake Screen in Missouri River
    • Two (2) New 50 HP Vertical Turbine Raw Water Pumps
    • Installation of New Pump Pits @ Base Slab of Wet Well
    • New Pump Discharge Piping
    • New Structural Support Deck @ Discharge Level of Wet Well
  • Complete Renovation of Existing Plant
    • Clarifier No. 1 & No. 2 Improvements
      • Demolition of Existing General Filter Contraflo Clarifiers
      • Installation of New Stainless Steel Clarification Equipment in Each Basin
      • Installation of New Stainless Steel Inclined Plate Settler System
    • High Service Pump Improvements
      • Removal of Existing High Service & Backwash Pumps & Associated Piping
      • Installation of Two (2) New 125 HP High Pressure High Service Pumps
      • Installation of Two (2) New 40 HP Low Pressure High Service Pumps
      • Site Piping Connections to Distribution System
    • Filtration Improvements
      • Complete Demolition of Rapid Sand Filter No. 1, 2 & 3 Including Piping
      • Numerous Structural Modifications to Filter Bays to Accommodate Membrane Equipment
      • Application of High Performance Coatings @ Concrete Surfaces
      • Installation of a Three-Train Immersed Membrane Filtration System
      • New Stainless Steel Piping Systems Associated w/Filtration System
    • Chemical Feed Improvements
      • Removal of Existing Chemical Feed Systems
      • Installation of New Chemical Feed Systems Including: Sodium Bisulfite, Sodium Hydroxide, Fluoride, Coagulant, Phosphate, Sodium Hypochlorite, Phosphoric Acid … All Complete With Tanks, Analyzers, Scales, Turbidimeters, Pipe, Valves, Fittings & Accessories
    • Miscellaneous Plant Improvements
      • New Submersible Waste Pump for Backwash Overflow Sludge
      • Installation of Two (2) New Sludge Lift Station Pumps
      • New Reservoir Overflow & Influent Piping
      • Installation of New FRP Baffle System in Finished Water Reservoir
    • Architectural Improvements
      • New Vestibule Addition w/Glass Curtain Walls
      • New Laboratory Area & Control Room
      • New Electrical Room w/Improvements to Mechanical Room
      • New Aluminum Railing Systems
      • New Wall, Floor & Ceiling Finishes
      • Installation of Three (3) New Monorail Systems