New Town Water Treatment Plant Expansion & Lime Sludge Pond Construction

Final Contract: $12,200,000

Actual Completion: 2016
Owner: City of New Town, ND

Engineer: AE2S

Project Details

This project consisted of a 13,802 square foot expansion that took the plants treatment capacity from 900gpm to 2,100gpm. The job posed several unique challenges in that a portion of the new structure was built on top of the existing clearwell with the remaining structure bearing on 57 steel piles, all driven to average depth of 120 feet.        The new addition houses a solids contact basin, re-carbonation basin, blowdown basin and three gravity filter cells. The expansion also made room for new chemical, electrical, mechanical and control rooms. All within a 32 foot tall precast structure accented with a 43 foot tall precast entrance.

  • Notable features
    • 13,802 square feet of expansion
    • 28’ x 28’ solids contact basin
    • 17’ x 10’ re-carbonation basin
    • 11’ x 10’ sludge blowdown basin
    • Three 12’ x 12’ conventional gravity filters
    • A new 567sf control room and 470sf electrical room
  • Notable Process Equipment
    • 1,200gpm Aerator and Solids Contact Treatment Unit
    • New carbon dioxide feed system & associated stainless steel pipe & fittings
    • Two one ton chlorine containment vessels and associated feed equipment
    • Various chemical feed storage and pumping systems to service both the new and old sides of the plant
    • One 750gpm vertical turbine pump
    • Eight submersible pumps ranging in capacity from 200gpm to 1,800gpm
    • Conventional Gravity Filter Equipment with Associated Piping and Valves
    • Ductile Iron Process Piping, Valves, Fittings & Valves Ranging in Size From 10” to 24”
    • New lime silo capable of storing 30 tons of lime along with associated loading and conveying equipment & piping.
  • Site Improvements
    • Three new lime sludge ponds measuring 120’ x 226’ each.
    • A new 900gpm raw water well.
    • Over 1,000 feet of site piping associated with the new well and ponds.
    • Approximately 20,000 sf of asphalt paving.
    • General site restoration, fencing and seeding.