Upcoming Bids at PKG Contracting Learn About the New Projects We’re Bidding On

With an excellent reputation among governments and municipalities throughout the Upper Midwest, we at PKG are always working to gain new business and future projects. Below is information about the projects on which we are currently bidding.

Project Title
Protected: Bidding 04-23-19 | New Turbine Pump & Butterfly Valve Replacement WTP
Protected: Bidding 05-15-19 | Adel, Iowa WTP | Water System Improvements 2017
Protected: Bidding 05-01-19 | Fargo WTP Near-term Ozone Improvements
Protected: Bidding 04-24-19 | Fargo WTP Raw Water Valve Improvements
Protected: Bidding 03-28-19 | Sheyenne-Maple Flood Control Project

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